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Offering our services to the community and helping you be successful in whatever life brings you.

As a woman-owned, medical laboratory, we're driven to offer our clients more value than a big-box lab. We offer all the same results, use the same laboratory standards as the big guys do, with added personal attention that you might not expect. As founder and CEO of Savvy Business Solutions, throughout the years in the medical field, I have witnessed the growing number of people who would come to the hospital needing Department of Transportation (DOT) and non-DOT rapid drug screenings and paternity tests, but they had to go elsewhere because of limited services that was offered. With such services, it will make it much easier for employers and those who are in need of a quick test and results. Employee screening is a standard policy for many, but it does not need to be an obstacle to hiring or placing candidates. Nor should it be an annual disturbance to maintain compliance. 

When you choose Savvy Business Solutions for your drug or DNA or business needs, you'll notice the difference right away. Our staff have over 30 years of combined medical and business experience. We are a friendly and knowledgeable staff and can be trusted to provide you quick results and turnaround times. Once you try us you won't want to go back to those other big-box labs or business centers. 

We also provide COVID-19 testing, DNA testing, early gender reveal, fingerprinting, notarization, copy, fax, scan & print, business consulting and virtual mailbox services. 

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